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  • Motorola MTX960
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    Motorola MTX960

    Motorola MTX960 is the keyboard model for the MTX900 series.It has its own unique, easy-to-use features; it offers a wide range of features for single-site shared mobile Radio to private security users. MTX960 keyboard model is 1x14 character LCD display & Intuitive menu...Read More
  • Kenwood TK-U100D
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    Kenwood TK-U100D

    Kenwood TK-U100D is a light, comfortable, portable and affordable digital walkie-talkie. Meet the digital features, provide clearer voice, more application features. Suitable for construction, security,manufacturing use.Read More
  • ICOM IC M88
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    ICOM IC M88

    The ICOM IC-M88 is a marine radio that is compact and rugged. It meets the IPX7 standard and can be kept in one meter of water for 30 minutes without water. Can withstand the harsh environment of the sea.Read More
  • ICOM IC M33
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    ICOM IC M33

    The ICOM IC-M33 is a waterproof marine radio, the world's first marine VHF radio. It meets the IPX7 standard and can be kept in water at a depth of 1 meter. With automatic water removal function, it can automatically remove water from the horn grid. Ideal for safe sailing...Read More
  • Kenwood PKT 03
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    Kenwood PKT 03

    The Kenwood PKT-03 is a compact pocket walkie-talkie that is rugged, clear voice and has a built-in flashlight and PPT buttons for maximum ease of use.Read More
  • Yaesu FT 991
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    Yaesu FT 991

    FT-991 is a full-band (Includes MF / HF / VHF / UHF) transceiver with C4FM (system fusion) digital capabilities. The FT-991 includes multi-mode operation of CW, AM, FM, SSB and digital modes (packet, PSK31, RTTY and C4FM) with 100 watts of HF / 50mhz capability (50W VHF /...Read More
  • ICOM IC A120
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    ICOM IC A120

    The ICOM IC-A120 is an mobile airband radio with active noise reduction and built-in Bluetooth for wireless connectivity. Applicable to navigation control personnel, dispatch, maintenance and other related personnel for wireless communication between the ground and the...Read More
  • Motorola XiR E8600
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    Motorola XiR E8600

    Motorola XiR E8600 is a compact, rugged, analog-compatible digital Two-way radio. It integrates Motorola's unique MOTOTRBO system with built-in Bluetooth and IMPRES intelligent audio to tightly integrate voice and data. A battery that lasts for a long time makes it possible...Read More
  • Kirisun S780
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    Kirisun S780

    Kirisun S780 is a digital portable radio based on the DPMR standard that is compatible with analog to ensure a smooth transition of analog devices. It has functions such as noise suppression, voice encryption, and digital intelligent signaling.Read More
  • Motorola TLKR T60Z
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    Motorola TLKR T60Z

    Motorola TLKR T60Z is a license free outdoor walkie-talkie that is fully functional, rugged and reliable. Built-in LCD display with 8 channels. The communication distance is theoretically up to 8 kilometers,Ideal for camping, adventure, and hikers.Read More
  • Motorola MTP850
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    Motorola MTP850

    Motorola MTP850 portable Two-way radio Motorola MTP850 is a digital walkie-talkie that meets TETRA standards and has a large number of new TETRA applications for emergency use in a variety of industrial, commercial, retail, and logistics applications. True color MTP850 has a...Read More
  • Icom IC V80
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    Icom IC V80

    ICOM IC-V80 is a sturdy and compact ham radio. The quality of the military brings extraordinary waterproof and dustproof effect (IP54). The 5.5W high power to meet junior ham.Read More
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