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  • Motorola MTH800
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    Motorola MTH800

    Motorola MTH800 is a TETRA standard two-way radio Built-in a 130 x 130 pixels and over 65,000 colours display.the end-to-end encryption to integration GPS positioning system, MTH800 provides unparalleled personal security tools Safety. In addition, the MTH800 has a...Read More
  • Motorola MTP3250
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    Motorola MTP3250

    Motorola MTP3250 is the full keypad model of MTP series.It is a TETRA-compliant radio,And its built for special reliability and robustness, high power Ultra clear audio means information Get through the storm in very noisy situations. Slimport feature means you can hear the...Read More
  • Motorola MTP850
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    Motorola MTP850

    Motorola MTP850 portable Two-way radio Motorola MTP850 is a digital walkie-talkie that meets TETRA standards and has a large number of new TETRA applications for emergency use in a variety of industrial, commercial, retail, and logistics applications. True color MTP850 has a...Read More
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