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  • Motorola CM140
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    Motorola CM140

    The Motorola CM140 is a compact mobile radio. Its small size, ruggedness, and high-quality, clear sound make it suitable for a variety of business environments. It has a variety of optional accessories to meet the needs of a variety of environments, including microphones,...Read More
  • Motorola EM400
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    Motorola EM400

    Motorola EM400 is an analog mobile radio with several outstanding features: 32 channels, 8 character screen, send and receive PTT-ID, selective suppression radius, tracking dual priority, 4 programmable buttons, VOX voice operation and more.Read More
  • Motorola GM3688
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    Motorola GM3688

    Motorola GM3688 is a rugged mobile radio for use in construction, taxi, express, manufacturing and other industries. Unobstructed communication even in noisy environments The GM3688 delivers outstanding voice quality with an 8-digit alphanumeric display and PTT ID, 64...Read More
  • Motorola GM3188
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    Motorola GM3188

    Motorola GM3188 is an easy to use professional mobile radio. Integrated voice compression technology delivers unparalleled voice quality even in noisy environments. Its compact form factor is very easy to install and is especially convenient for installation in cars with...Read More
  • Motorola Cm340
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    Motorola Cm340

    The CM340 is designed, developed and built to meet and/or exceed the requirements in MIL-STD as well as their own quality assurance program Motorola ALT™. It is also ingress protected to IP54. The CM series includes some of the most compact and affordable mobile two-way...Read More
  • Motorola DM3401
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    Motorola DM3401

    The DM 3401 mobile two-way radio features 32 channels and an exceptionally bright numeric LED display. It enables easy migration with operational capability in both analogue and digital, and is available in UHF and VHF. This mobile radio is part of the MOTOTRBO series, which...Read More
  • PRO5100
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    PRO5100 ™ Professional Mobile Radio Ideal for organizations with standard communication requirements, Motorola’s PRO5100 radio provides simple yet high-performing functionality. The signaling capabilities enable you to call individuals or groups, identify the caller,...Read More
  • Motorola XTL 2500
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    Motorola XTL 2500

    Motorola’s XTL 2500 Project 25 compliant mobile radio is tough and well suited for users in Police, Fire, EMS, State/Local/Federal Government agencies. Taking into consideration your work environment and various job responsibilities,this robust mobile radio will support the...Read More
  • Motorola Gm950
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    Motorola Gm950

    GM950 Series Specifications GENERAL GM950E GM950i GM950 Plus Frequency – Mid Band – – 66-88 MHz Frequency – VHF 136-174 MHz 136-174 MHz 136-174 MHz Frequency – UHF 403-470 MHz 403-470 MHz 403-470 MHz – – 465-520 MHz Channel Capacity 4 64 128 Power Supply: 10.8 to 15.6V DC,...Read More
  • Motorola Gm380
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    Motorola Gm380

    A sophisticated tool for professionals who demand more from their communications solutions, the GM380 offers a wide range of features designed to help business maximise its effectiveness. Emergency signalling sends a help signal to a pre-defined person or group of users with...Read More
  • Motorola Gm360
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    Motorola Gm360

    A versatile solution for organizations with a mobile workforce, the easy-to-use GM360 offers a comprehensive set of features that can be easily customised to reflect the communications needs of a growing vehicle-based team. In addition to the features of the GM340, the GM360...Read More
  • Motorola Gm350
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    Motorola Gm350

    Used and refurbished Motorola GM350 Data Compatable analogue two way taxi mobile radio available. This model is ideal for taxi companies or people involved in the farming industry. The Motorola GM350 is one of most widely used analogue radios on the market and is ideal for...Read More
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