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  • Motorola HT1000
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    Motorola HT1000

    The HT 1000 is a compact, rugged Two-way radio.Fully compliant with US military standards Spec 810C, D, E and other test items,design phase through Motorola accelerated life test (ALT).It provides programmable features that support radio-to-radio data cloning for increased...Read More
  • Motorola XTR446
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    Motorola XTR446

    Motorola XTR446 a mini business walkie-talkie, ultra-small size, can be hidden at any time, light weight, more convenient to use,besides that,It has the following features... ​Motorola XTR446 provides you with all the convenience and benefits of two-way communications...Read More
  • Motorola GP328 Plus
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    Motorola GP328 Plus

    Motorola GP328Plus is the compact keypad model of GP series.Building upon the features of the GP328 Plus 4Ch, the GP328 Plus 16Ch has the following additional features:Read More
  • Motorola CP180
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    Motorola CP180

    Motorola CP180 is the full keypad model of CP series.It has 64 channels, a clear screen and a full keyboard for easy Access menu and contact list. Programmable Quick buttons for easy access Common Functions; Configurable keyboard Allow speed dial access Frequently used...Read More
  • Motorola CP160
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    Motorola CP160

    Motorola CP160 is the limited keypad model for the CP series.Built-in clear screen with easy-to-understand icons,.4 programmable shortcut buttons, 32 channels and scroll button menu access, and channel aliasing, ideal for large team to communicate instantly.Read More
  • Motorola Gp2000
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    Motorola Gp2000

    The Motorola’s GP2000 is sleek and compact for portability, yet packed with advanced features for added value. Equipped with a Handsfree Earpiece, the new GP2000 offers convenience, audio clarity and privacy to users in diverse applications, such as Manufacturing, Hotels,...Read More
  • Pro5150
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    Motorola’s PRO5150 portable radio is the solution for professionals who require a rugged and reliable radio to help them stay in contact. This practical radio can easily help you to increase productivity by keeping you communicating, yet streamlines your radio use—allowing...Read More
  • Motorola Gp350
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    Motorola Gp350

    The GP350 VHF and UHF Portable radios use the Motorola 68HC11A8 microcomputer, U401, which utilizes: • 7.9488 MHz clock rate • Multiplexed 8-bit address/data lines • 16-bit addressing • Internal watchdog circuitry • Analog to digital conversion input ports The...Read More
  • Motorola GP329
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    Motorola GP329

    GP329 - YOUR EASY-TO-USE & COST EFFECTIVE SOLUTION The GP329 radio offers a practical two-way radio solution for professionals who need a rugged, reliable radio to stay in contact. Equipped with user-friendly features and intuitive programmable buttons for easy navigation,...Read More
  • Motorola Gp338plus
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    Motorola Gp338plus

    COMPACT, LIGHT AND RUGGED Compact and instant communication is important to many operations, as is the ability to be mobile and move freely without being weighed down by your communication tools. Motorola's newest professional two-way radio packs a range of cutting edge...Read More
  • Motorola GP380
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    Motorola GP380

    The GP380, one of the market-leading radios in Motorola’s Professional Series, is an effective feature-packed communication solution for any organisation. The radio offers broad functionality; an easy-to-use menu with full keypad for productivity, whilst security features...Read More
  • Motorola GP3688
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    Motorola GP3688

    GP3688 CONVENTIONAL PORTABLE TWO-WAY RADIO ENHANCE YOUR RADIO’S CAPABILITIES a comprehensive range of accessories is available to suit your needs. With the right combinations of batteries, headsets, carry cases and antenna, it can increase your operational...Read More
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