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Monitoring supply needs on a manufacturing line or reporting an incident on a construction site, how do you keep employees connected and safe? MOTOTRBO™ digital radio solutions can help by putting the power of digital communications within reach.
  • Motorola XPR 6550 VHF Helical Antenna
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    Motorola XPR 6550 VHF Helical Antenna

    Motorola PMAE4068 is rugged, stylish, capless design.provides maximum flexibility and built-in capability to operate at GPS frequencies.Read More
  • Motorola DP4801 UHF Whip Antenna
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    Motorola DP4801 UHF Whip Antenna

    DP4801 GPS whip antenna PMAE4070 for the 440-490 MHz (UHF) frequency range. Whip antennas are ideal when the radio is worn on a belt because they are short and unobtrusive.Read More
  • Motorola DP4801 VHF Helical Antenna
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    Motorola DP4801 VHF Helical Antenna

    This is a GPS helical antenna for the 144-165 MHz (VHF) frequency range of the Motorola DP4801Read More
  • Motorola CM140
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    Motorola CM140

    The Motorola CM140 is a compact mobile radio. Its small size, ruggedness, and high-quality, clear sound make it suitable for a variety of business environments. It has a variety of optional accessories to meet the needs of a variety of environments, including microphones,...Read More
  • Motorola EM400
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    Motorola EM400

    Motorola EM400 is an analog mobile radio with several outstanding features: 32 channels, 8 character screen, send and receive PTT-ID, selective suppression radius, tracking dual priority, 4 programmable buttons, VOX voice operation and more.Read More
  • Motorola GM3688
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    Motorola GM3688

    Motorola GM3688 is a rugged mobile radio for use in construction, taxi, express, manufacturing and other industries. Unobstructed communication even in noisy environments The GM3688 delivers outstanding voice quality with an 8-digit alphanumeric display and PTT ID, 64...Read More
  • Motorola GM3188
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    Motorola GM3188

    Motorola GM3188 is an easy to use professional mobile radio. Integrated voice compression technology delivers unparalleled voice quality even in noisy environments. Its compact form factor is very easy to install and is especially convenient for installation in cars with...Read More
  • Motorola HT1000
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    Motorola HT1000

    The HT 1000 is a compact, rugged Two-way radio.Fully compliant with US military standards Spec 810C, D, E and other test items,design phase through Motorola accelerated life test (ALT).It provides programmable features that support radio-to-radio data cloning for increased...Read More
  • Motorola DP4801 Surveillance Earpiece
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    Motorola DP4801 Surveillance Earpiece

    Motorola PMLN6129 is rugged and rugged enough to withstand harsh environments. Quick disconnect, durable and comfortable translucent hose for quick change between shifts.Read More
  • Motorola DP4400 Mag One Earpiece
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    Motorola DP4400 Mag One Earpiece

    The Motorola Mag One PMLN6069 earpiece integrates an online microphone and push to talk button on a single line.Read More
  • Motorola CP110 Mag One Earpiece
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    Motorola CP110 Mag One Earpiece

    Motorola Mag One PMLN6531 is an affordable, compact and comfortable headset that allows users to send and receive information from two-way radios with care. VOX (Voice Activation Switch) allows hands-free communication without pressing a push to talk.Read More
  • Motorola CP040 Surveillance Earpiece
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    Motorola CP040 Surveillance Earpiece

    Motorola CP040 surveillance earpiece is the ideal solution for monitoring operations, whether in a surveillance environment Or as a customer-facing role. The skin-colored appearance, separate microphone / PTT can be placed between the collar or the inner cuff of the...Read More
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