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  • Kenwood NX 3320
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    Kenwood NX 3320

    The Kenwood NX-3320 two-way radio is a two-way radio that supports NXDN and DMR digital standard. It is backward compatible with analog mode and provides a large number of mission-critical applications.Read More
  • Kenwood Nx 320
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    Kenwood Nx 320

    Kenwood started manufacturing Communications products in 1955 and entered the Amateur / Ham Radio market in 1955. High-quality audio is in the company's DNA and this can be heard daily on all Ham Radio frequencies, from "Top Band" to microwave.Read More
  • Kenwood nx 340
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    Kenwood nx 340

    A leap into the unknown? Not with the new NEXEDGE NX-240/340. It operates in both analog FM and NXDN digital modes, offering a cost-effective way to migrate smoothly from legacy systems while discovering the benefits of advanced digital technology – including increased...Read More
  • Kenwood nx300
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    Kenwood nx300

    KENWOOD BRIEF INTRODUCTION Kenwood started manufacturing Communications products in 1955 and entered the Amateur / Ham Radio market in 1955. For almost 60 years, the company has been at the forefront of Ham Radio development and has marketed products worldwide under both...Read More
  • Kenwood NX 800
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    Kenwood NX 800

    As smart in operation as they are in looks, these NX-700/800 radios feature everything necessary to take full advantage of both digital and analog operating modes. Mobile users will appreciate the large dot-matrix LCD, intuitive controls and multi-scan capabilities. Features...Read More
  • Kenwood NX 240
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    Kenwood NX 240

    NXDN® DIGITAL AIR INTERFACENEXEDGE® radios employ NXDN®, an FDMA digital air interface with AMBE+2™ voice coding technology, unique filtering and a 4-level FSK modulation technique with low bit error rate (BER) even at weak RF signal strengths. ENHANCED AUDIO QUALITY AMBE+2™...Read More
  • Kenwood NX 220
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    Kenwood NX 220

    KENWOOD is pleased to introduce the latest NEXEDGE® portables boasting a newly designed ultra-compact platform with all of the high performance RF specifications and MILSTD 810 & IP54/55 ruggedness of KENWOOD’s flagship NEXEDGE® models. These new models come in three user...Read More
  • Kenwood NX 200
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    Kenwood NX 200

    General Features3 W (136-174 MHz) Models 3 W (400-470 MHz) Models 512 CH-GID / 128 Zones 12-Key Keypad Models 14 Character Alphanumeric Aliases Backlit Dot Matrix LCD Function/Status LCD Icons Date & 12/24 Hour Time Clock Transmit/Busy/Call Alert/Warn LED On/Off Volume...Read More
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