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  • ICOM IC M92D
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    ICOM IC M92D

    ICOM IC-M92D is a marine two-way radio that supports marine band transmission and reception. It is lightweight,the body can float on the sea and meet the IPX7 waterproof standard. In addition, it supports active noise cancellation, built-in DSC, GPS and MOB functions. Ideal...Read More
  • ICOM IC M36
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    ICOM IC M36

    ICOM IC-M36 is a marine handheld radio that is also very lightweight and will float on the surface if dropped off the ship. Large buttons and large screen provide easy-to-use operability. The sound quality is clear, and it automatically adjusts the sound according to the...Read More
  • ICOM IC 2300H
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    ICOM IC 2300H

    ICOM IC-2300H is an amateur car radio with 65 watts of RF output power and heavy duty durability. The powerful 4.5W audio output provides loud and clear audio. Meet the latest US military MIL-STD 810 G specifications.Ideal for HAMs radio communication in the wild.Read More
  • ICOM IC M88
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    ICOM IC M88

    The ICOM IC-M88 is a marine radio that is compact and rugged. It meets the IPX7 standard and can be kept in one meter of water for 30 minutes without water. Can withstand the harsh environment of the sea.Read More
  • ICOM IC M33
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    ICOM IC M33

    The ICOM IC-M33 is a waterproof marine radio, the world's first marine VHF radio. It meets the IPX7 standard and can be kept in water at a depth of 1 meter. With automatic water removal function, it can automatically remove water from the horn grid. Ideal for safe sailing...Read More
  • ICOM IC A120
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    ICOM IC A120

    The ICOM IC-A120 is an mobile airband radio with active noise reduction and built-in Bluetooth for wireless connectivity. Applicable to navigation control personnel, dispatch, maintenance and other related personnel for wireless communication between the ground and the...Read More
  • Icom IC V80
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    Icom IC V80

    ICOM IC-V80 is a sturdy and compact ham radio. The quality of the military brings extraordinary waterproof and dustproof effect (IP54). The 5.5W high power to meet junior ham.Read More
  • Icom V82
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    Icom V82

    IC-V82 SPECIFICATIONS GENERAL • Frequency coverage (unit : MHz): Guaranteed range *1 144–148MHz, *2 440–450MHz • Mode : F3E, F2D, F7W* * Optional UT-118 required. • No. of memory Ch. : 207 (incl. 6 scan edges and 1 call) • Operating Temp. range : –10˚C to +60˚C; +14˚F to...Read More
  • Icom R9000
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    Icom R9000

    The Icom IC-R9000 is an all-mode, wideband receiver that continuously covers a frequency range of 100 kHz to 1999.8 MHz. The most visible of the radio's many advanced features is the built-in multifunction 5 inch CRT display. Receive frequencies, modes and additional useful...Read More
  • Icom 2200
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    Icom 2200

    The Icom IC-2200H 2 meter FM mobile features a rugged design and an easy-to-read alphanumeric display. The large informative LCD may be set to green or amber. The receiver covers 118-174 MHz and the transmitter delivers 65, 25, 10 or 5 watts of output.Read More
  • Icom 2100
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    Icom 2100

    The Icom IC-2100H 25N 2 meter FM mobile features a rugged design and an easy-to-read alphanumeric display. The displays may be set to green or amber. The receiver covers 136-174 MHz and the transmitter delivers 55, 10 or 5 watts of output. The improved receive IMD helps...Read More
  • Icom V8000
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    Icom V8000

    IC-V8000 SPECIFICATIONS GENERA • Frequency range Transmit : 144–148MHz Receive : 136–174MHz* *Guaranteed range 144–148MHz only; Frequency ranges are depending on version • Mode : FM (F3E, F2D) • No. of memory channels : 207 (including 6 scan edges, and 1 call channel) •...Read More
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