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  • Hytera RD988
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    Hytera RD988

    Product description Digital Repeater Hytera RD988 is a 50W, DMR and Analog dual mode upgradable repeater which can work in analog and DMR conventional mode. It can be upgraded to trunking or simulcast mode by software only. One step upgrade package makes it easy to operate in...Read More
  • Hytera RD985
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    Hytera RD985

    Product description The digital repeater RD985 is the heart for multi-cell conventional DMR radio networks and was developed according to the ETSI standard for DMR. It offers an ergonomic design, reliability and outstanding digital functions for sophisticated communication....Read More
  • Hytera RD982
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    Hytera RD982

    Product description The Hytera RD982 digital repeater is the heart of a multi-site conventional analog or digital radio network. Offering innovative design and reliability, this repeater delivers excellent coverage with up to 50W power. Features Dual mode and automatic change...Read More
  • Hytera RD965
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    Hytera RD965

    Product description The Hytera RD965 is the first digital/analogue repeater suitable for outdoor use. Compact and lightweight, the device can deployed quickly and carried in a rucksack (optional), mounted on a wall or installed in an equipment rack. Features GPS The GPS...Read More
  • Hytera RD625
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    Hytera RD625

    Product description The RD625 is a digital repeater designed specifically to provide reliable radio coverage in buildings and tunnels. The RD625 has been developed in accordance with the Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) open ETSI standard and can be operated with either digital or...Read More
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