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  • HYT TC320

    HYT TC320

    high quality professional fm radio TC320 original cheap wireless UHF 400-420/450-470/400-470MHz intercome Main Features Audio Compandor Scrambler VOX Earpiece Battery Strength Indicator High/Low...

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  • HYT TC3000

    HYT TC3000

    Product description Lightweight and compact, TC3000/3600 is a high-tier professional radio. It is known for its powerful functions, reliable performance, excellent water & dust protection and...

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  • HYT TC 780

    HYT TC 780

    Product description The handheld radio TC-780 is setting new performance standards with both its compact design and the numerous functions. With LCD display, keypad, 256 channels and...

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  • HYT TC 700

    HYT TC 700

    Product description Professional Two-way Radio Ideal for high-level professionals who want powerful yet streamlined communication tools, the TC-700 series are packed with cutting-edge technology...

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  • HYT TC 620

    HYT TC 620

    Product description Commercial, sleek, analogue two-way radio Easy to operate and offering excellent value for money, the HYT TC-620 has been specially designed for users in facilities management,...

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  • HYT TC 610

    HYT TC 610

    Product description Professional, rugged, analogue two-way radio The HYT TC-610handheld analogue radio is specifically designed to tackle harsh working environments, offering outstanding IP66 dust...

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  • HYT TC 600

    HYT TC 600

    Product description HYT has successfully launched the TC-600 premium professional walkie-talkie developed for regular users. The machine combines high-quality call quality with practical and...

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  • HYT TC 580

    HYT TC 580

    Product description With an intelligent design of LCD, numeric keypad, wide-band coverage, 256 channels, manually programming and versatile call, TC-580 has integrated all cutting-edge analog...

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  • HYT TC 518

    HYT TC 518

    Product description TC-518 highlights small size, wide band coverage, stable output power and clear audio quality, which perfectly meets the most practical needs required by commercial...

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