hytera digital portable radio

  • Hytera PD362

    Hytera PD362

    Product description Pocket-sized, the Hytera PD362 portable digital radio delivers a range of popular features in a small form factor, ideal for use in retail, hospitality or education...

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  • Hytera Z1p

    Hytera Z1p

    Product description Hytera Z1p is an ultra-slim TETRA handheld radio with a full keypad. It was developed in full accordance with the open ETSI standard TETRA and combines compact form with...

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  • Hytera X1p

    Hytera X1p

    Product description Ultra-thin, discreet digital two-way radio Slim and lightweight, the Hytera X1p handheld digital radio offers the perfect combination of ruggedness, versatility and refined...

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  • Hytera PD662

    Hytera PD662

    Product description Delivering superior voice clarity and enhanced encryption, the Hytera PD662 portable digital radio is a compact, high quality device with a LCD screen and programmable keys. At...

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  • Hytera PD 375

    Hytera PD 375

    Product description The PD375 from Hytera is a business radio in pocket format. Its compact design combined with its intuitive operation make it the ideal companion for reliable digital radio...

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  • Hytera PD685g

    Hytera PD685g

    Features Improved utilization of the frequency spectrum The PD685g can be operated in TDMA direct mode and pseudo trunking. This assignment of the available bandwidth with double the number of...

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  • Hytera Tc 508

    Hytera Tc 508

    Product description The excellent design of HYT compact TC-508 portables guarantees superior ergonomics. Moreover, it can ensure a great performance in any operating conditions, thanks to HYT...

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  • Hytera PD705

    Hytera PD705

    Product description With its compact case, degree of protection IP67, outstanding voice quality and support of digital and analogue radio, the PD705/PD705G provides your radio communication with a...

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  • Hytera PD985

    Hytera PD985

    Product description The PD985 is Hytera's high-end DMR radio that boasts a multitude of new features in addition to its various different functions. This includes, for example, Bluetooth 4.0...

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